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Thursday, 07 May 2015 18:29

LittleBits for Electronic Functionality Featured

Written by Jack Kerrigan
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LittleBits are a simple and affordable solution for adding an electronic functionality to your invention prototype. The inventor of LittleBits came up with a product that is simple to use, no matter your age. Before spending thousands on programming and tooling, consider using the LittleBits modules to test your concept. You can purchase a pre-loaded kit to play around with, or simply purchase the exact modules you need to accomplish your task at hand. Great for tinkerers and inventors.

I have found that some of my invention concepts are dependent on an electronic functionality. In order to test out my idea, traditionally I would find, or buy, an electronic device and take it apart to adapt it to perform the function I have a need for... or spend a fortune to pay someone to program, or devise the electronic circuitry that I need. I recently was introduced to the littleBits modules. Each module performs a function. That function could be Power, Input, Output, and also wires for extending connectivity to a creation. There are over 60 modules to their library...and that selection is growing. The modules snap together with magnets which only will snap together if the connection makes sense. The connections are also color-coded to help you understand the flow of your connection. Every module is labeled to help educate you as well.  Please check out littleBits. They are VERY inspiring and may aid your creativity.

Here is their website:

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