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How to Create An Article Featured

Written by Lisa Lloyd
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Here is a quick tutorial on how to create an article and post it on InvenTank for the world to see.

1. Login

2. Click on "Login" button at top right to open the Member Menu

3. Click "add article"

4. Follow the steps provided on the "create article" page.


NOTE: There is no spell check feature, but you can write your article in another format and paste it in the boxes if you like.

NAMING PAGES: When naming your headline, please be short but descriptive. You can leave the URL box blank and it will auto fill when you save.

CATEGORY: There are only 6 options here: Inventing, Research, Patents, Sales/Marketing, Licensing and Inventor Stories. Please sellect the category that best fits your article. This will help people when searching using our Category option at the top of the site under "Tutorials".

TAGS: Tagging your article with key words will help others searching on Google and within this site to find your article. This is very good if you are trying to generate traffic to your articles.

DEFAULTS: You can leave the defaults: "featured" and "published" on yes or change them. If you change "published" to no, the article will be visible to you in your profile, but not published for others to see.

MEDIA: You may add images, videos or attachments. This is helpful if you are talking about your invention or sharing useful documents, like non-disclosure forms, etc.

TWO TEXT BOXES: The first text box is an INTRO ONLY box. Here is where you should write only the first few lines of your article so that people searching can see what the article is about before clicking "read more" to see the entire story. The second box should be the entire article, including what you wrote in the first box.

PAGE BREAKS: Only necessary if you intend to create a link to go to another page from the article

SAVE YOUR CHANGES with the button at the top right.

CHECK/EDIT YOUR WORK: You can now see your article published under the Tutorials link. Please check it and click all the way through. Once on the MAIN article page, you will see a link called "EDIT" at the top of your article. You can loging and edit your articles anytime!

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